Networking and Personal Presence

How often have you hired a complete stranger to do some work for you? Or supplied an important service to your business?

Whether it’s painting your house or upgrading your IT, we would hazard a guess that your answer is ‘almost never’.

We all know that most business gets done because of ‘who’ you know, as well as ‘what’ you know. We also know, from experience, that the majority of business comes from word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals.

So you need to get out there!

And if your heart sinks when you read this, don’t let it – we can help you.  We know how to get you integrated into some great networks and we can teach you in a few simple steps how to make valuable and lasting personal connections that will prove invaluable to you. We can also review your current practices and fine-tune them with you. In addition, if you feel that somehow you are not getting recognised for the skills and experience you have, we can help you change this – for good.

Our associates have worked with thousands of people to help them improve their personal presence and have many accolades to prove it.


The Vector Business Group helps individuals and businesses shine. Contact us now to find out how.