How to have effective meetings

Sick of meetings? Have you ever thought it was the meeting itself that was ill and in need of treatment?

Our associates, The Pearl Group, has a wonderful service called ‘Meeting Hospital’.  You might need this once you’ve taken their ‘Meeting Health Check.’

If you are sick of meetings, have you ever thought it was the meeting itself that was ill and in need of treatment?

Unhealthy meetings are costing businesses billions, not to mention the wear and tear on our individual health, nerves and patience.

  • What if every meeting counted?
  • If they gave you energy, rather than drained you?
  • If they accelerated your business rather than getting in the way?

    Welcome to Meeting Hospital where you will:
  • Fix what's wrong with meetings, whether you are running them or not
  • Learn how to diagnose and treat meeting problems before they arrive
  • Turn irritability into productivity
  • Pick up the skills that will help you generate real value from every meeting, be it a one-to-one phone call, or a company-wide conference
  • And have a ball doing it!

Meeting Hospital is structured as a one-day workshop with a check-up three months later. In between, the participants practise new techniques live in their workplace, guided online with video and podcasts, tips and checklists, inspiration and reminders.

That's three months to change how you and your company meet, for good. You may arrive as a patient, but you'll end as a Meeting Medic.

Real Results in 3 months

Recent results from a sample of 100 executives* taking part in the three-month program.

Meetings more purposeful = 97%
Better designed meetings = 94%
Better managed meetings = 94%
More relevant content = 82%
Relevant people attending = 79%
More engagement of self and others = 74%

*Percentage of participants reporting an improvement or significant improvement thanks to Meeting Hospital

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