Breakthrough Business Coaching

Be honest, how many of these questions apply to you?

  • I’m at a crossroads in my career and don’t know which path to take
  • I need a plan to cut costs by 20%
  • I need some ideas to win new business
  • I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • I need more from my team

It’s easy to get stuck when you encounter knotty problems like these. The issue needs tackling, but it seems too complex or difficult to resolve. So it gets parked in a corner of your mind, using up energy.

This is where a Business Breakthrough session can help.

What is a Business Breakthrough session and how will it help you?

A one-to-one, structured half-day, coaching session, to crack the issue and move forwards with energy and commitment.

It’s for when you need to clarify your goals, harness your strengths and preferences, find new solutions and work out a plan of action.

You will accomplish far more with a business coach than you would on your own.

And because your challenges are unique, our associates don’t offer a cooker-cutter approach. Each breakthrough session is tailor-made for you.

Our associates have been managing directors of multi-national businesses; most of them have studied at the most highly rated universities or business schools in the world. They have chosen to be coaches because they like the challenge of helping others achieve the success they have had.  And when you are ‘stuck’, they get you ‘unstuck’ and back on the path to greatness – fast!

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